Incorporating the townships of Backford, Chorlton by Backford and Caughall

Five Villages Community Hub project update  - June/July 2020


Progress on matching funds with the quoted prices of the preferred contractor, despite two value engineering exercises, stalled probably late April and into May. No progress on the proposed contract – as our contact was furloughed and communication very difficult as the world closed down. The decision was taken to cease proceedings with the preferred contractor and re-think our options.


Fresh meetings were held via the web with our professional team (architects, QS etc) as well as with our major funder The National Lottery (TNL) with the aim of agreeing a new track to follow in pursuit of our new hall.  The project team prepared fresh scenarios ready for these discussions. Both our professionals and the TNL were very supportive of our proposals. An open and honest discussion was held as to the best way forward during which the TNL offered to confirm their support to two of our funders who have made pledges to fund on the proviso that we raised sufficient funds to meet project costs.

The agreed scenario was to return to the contractor market and approach builders in our area with a view to encouraging more up-to-date prices. Given the overall situation in which the UK found itself we thought that we would be entering a different market dynamic compared to that of pre-March 2020.

We found that there is a desire amongst local builders to start work again not least to have the opportunity to release their workforce from furlough.

With the continued backing of and encouragement from the TNL and advice from our professionals a suite of project documents was collated and sent out for pricing.  We do remain under the requirement of competitive pricing as laid out by the TNL. We had hoped for prices to be returned without too much delay but even now the sluggishness of the responses of the supply chains (C-19) resulted in a requested extension to the closing date to mid-July.

So where are we now?

The project team has been encouraged by the engagement of the new potential builders, most of whom have visited the site and all of whom have asked questions relating to various aspects of the technical build.

With price offers returned by mid-July we’ll plan to start assessing bids immediately and will discuss the bids with our QS professionals for their views, thoughts and recommendations. Contract signing is a reality now, sooner than later.

Since the last funding award in January, we learned in late June of our success in winning more funding from a landfill credit funder which is of course a super boost to the project.

So we have backing from all of our funders – either having received the funds already or have received fresh confirmation that the pledged funds are still available for our project. Our big two funders are The National Lottery (ca. £647k) and Sport England (ca £95k).

The third biggest funding amount will come from the Public Works Loan Board – (PWLB) to whom our three parish councils applied last year for a loan. This loan will be financed from the increase in the parish councils’ precept which was the subject of a 2019 residents’ survey seeking approval of same. Approval was overwhelmingly given and as such our three parish councils are fully engaged in this project for the benefit of the community. 

The PWLB approved the loan last year. However the result of the above events (value engineering exercises, slowing down of UK activity, the postponement of normal business activity, public and parish council proceedings not least the closing of our hall) was a hibernation of project progress. An extension to the timing of the PWLB agreed loan is currently being requested so as to re-align to our project timetable.

Given that a loan has already been approved by the PWLB, we are hopeful that the parishes’ request for this vital extension is approved again. Without it and with no time left to re-start fundraising, the project would fail at the very point at which we are close to signing a contract and starting the build.

The Five Villages Project Team

March 2020 - 

The new Backford PC noticeboard - 

20200318 Backford PC Noticeboard 1

20200318 Hoole Food Market

Mollington Primary School - congratulations on achieving a "Good" Ofsted inspection result.


Cheshire Constabulary Newsletter

October-November 2019


May 12th 2019 - Parish Council Annual General Meeting Agenda for 14th May 2019

Backford PC Annual Meeting Agenda 14th May 2019

May 7th 2019 - Planning Application 19/01205/FUL

Relating to 48 Church Lane, Backford

Proposal: Construction of an equine area (menage) adjacent existing barn on land at Church Lane

To see the full details and plans visit Cheshire West and Chesters planning portal and use the simple search function entering the planning application reference.

CWAC Planning Portal

April 24th 2019 - Planning Application 19/01117/FUL

Relating to Fairfeild Farm House, Gordon Lane

Proposal: Erection of new garage

To see the full details and plans visit Cheshire West and Chesters planning portal and use the simple search function entering the planning application reference.

CWAC Planning Portal


April 24th 2019 - Planning Application 19/01257/FUL

Relating to 6 Ormerod Close, Backford

Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension and provision of summer house

To see the full details and plans visit Cheshire West and Chesters planning portal and use the simple search function entering the planning application reference.

CWAC Planning Portal


April 24th 2019 - Planning Application 19/01067/FUL

Applicant: Chester Zoo Cedar House Caughall Road Upton Chester CH2 1LH

Proposal: Creation of the Grasslands zone, a large, open African Savannah habitat withrestaurant and the provision of overnight accommodation comprising of areception building, 28No lodges and 14No tents.

To see the full details and plans visit Cheshire West and Chesters planning portal and use the simple search function entering the planning application reference.

 CWAC Planning Portal


April 10th 2019 -

Local Elections Poster

April 10th 2019 - Please see the attached for the notice of election for Backford Parish Council. The election was uncontested and those named on the attached have been duly elected as Parish Councillors for the next term. All are contactable via the contact forms on this site or via the Clerk.

Notice Of Election - Backford PC

April 7th 2019 - Please see attached the table of candidates who have stood for election in Backford.

Backford Election Candidates

March 31st 2019 - SP Energy Networks have provided a phone number to call in the event of a power cut, even if they are not your provider. One to note down as if the power goes you may not be able to access this message!

SP Energy Networks

March 21st 2019 - Chester Zoo has submitted a planning application for a hotel to be built on site.

Chester Zoo Hotel

March 21st 2019 - TRO4331 Parkgate Road


March 19th 2019 - Notice of Election for Parish Councillors - Please click on the link below on how to obtain forms on nomination from the Returning Officer for Cheshire West and Chester. Nominations must be delivered no later than 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. If you are interested, please click on the link for full details and if you have any questions, contact the Electoral Registration Officer at Cheshire West Council (details on the Notice attached).

Backford Parish Council - Notice of Election

March 19th 2019 - TRO4315 Croughton Road


March 19th 2019 - TRO4317 Wervin Road


March 19th 2019 - TRO4318 Caughall Road


March 10th 2019There is currently a Parish-wide survey/consulatation takng place with regards to the proposed new build village hall (see January 21st entry below). The forms MUST be returned by March 22nd as per the details set out on the forms - a link to which can be found here: 

Village Hall Survey/Consultation

 January 23rd 2019 - The Backford Parish Council is live! The Clerk will, over the next few weeks, add information to the relevant tabs and add other items. As per the home page, if you have any ideas or recommendations please get in touch!

January 21st 2019 - At an extraordinary meeting held on 3rd January 2019 (held at Mollington Village Hall) between members of Backford Parish Council, Mollington Parish Council and Lea-By-Backford Parish Council is was decided that all three Parish Councils would look at how to make up the £50,000 short fall in respect of the proposed village hall developemt (18/03928/FUL; please click on the village hall link under the Local Community tab for more information on that). It was voted that a joint application would be made to the Public Works Loan Board (subject to each Parish consulting with its respective Parishioners) to secure the shortfall, and that increasing each Parish's respective precept for a to be decided number of years would enable each Parish to make repayments. For Backford Parish Councils precept increase and a more detailed rationale please see the draft minutes for 8th January 2019.